Secret Number 3: The Wealthy Buy Wholesale Investments

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For years I have been studying the wealthy and what the wealthy do that is different from the rest of us. One of the things they do is they look for and buy wholesale investments. The Wealthy continually look to buy and are prepared to wait for the right investments to add to their portfolios. They wait for the deals just like you might wait for a sale to be on at the store before you buy that thing you want. The wealthy do the same but with investments.

What Is Wholesale Investment? You Ask

It is a quality asset at a discount price! It is not the investments that are given to people who have reached Sophisticated Investor Status (Have 2.5mil in Net Assets an Income of $250,000 P/A  or could invest $500k into 1 single investment.) It is looking for those investments and knowing what you are looking for, you can find the little gems hiding.

Where Do You Find These Wholesale Investments?

The Wealth Game Community have many wholesale investments come to us which we are able to do the Due Diligence.This can save you hours of work and you can quickly assess if the asset fits your Money Rules or not. Or you can spend hours and hours and hours trawling the internet looking for them yourself and I know some people love that. The finding of a great deal is exhilarating and can certainly be a lot of fun.

I still spend hours myself looking at wholesale investments, I personally enjoy finding them and have 50 tabs open on my computer at any one time. But I know a lot of people in The Wealth Game Community don’t have the time or are on a massive learning curve with their financial literacy and wouldn’t know what to look for. That is why we created The Wealth Game!

Why Do They Buy Wholesale Investments?

Just like anything, there is always more value at buying something wholesale than at retail prices. If you get a property at the wholesale price then you can mark it up and sell it at retail value. You pocket the difference. There is usually an instant or very quick profit or cash flow from wholesale. No different if you were running a clothing shop or cafe you would expect to buy the product at a wholesale price and then sell it at retail and pocket the difference. It’s exactly the same thing.

That ends today’s Secret Number 3.


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